Services We Provide

We specialize in expedited, time sensitive freight services nationwide at Blue Thunder Transportation Services, Inc. Services we provide include:

  • Expedited LTL to all 50 states

  • Air freight

  • LTL consolidation and distribution

  • Expedited truckload

  •  Intermodal

  • Quarter- and half-truckload rates

  • Daily tracking and tracing

  • Competitive rates

  • Flat bed and specialized equipment

We are based in Bensenville, IL and work both as a third party logistics provider and primary carrier. Mostly we handle truckload (van) shipments and expedited partial loads (LTL). Much of our business is providing inland transportation for import and export cargo to international freight forwarders and indeed those related to the specific services that we discussed.

Increasingly importers prefer to avoid using traditional rail service for the inland carriage of imported ocean container shipments. The reasons are various but often are about the extended transit times and frequent delays. Four years ago, at the prompting of several large customers, we put a system in place to address these uncertainties, which were creating considerable inventory and distribution problems.

The import service we offer involves the recovery of ocean containers from the terminal/port involved. They are drayed to our local warehouse facility and unloaded. Depending on the required delivery date, we either ship (by truck) immediately or hold as appropriate. For urgent shipments, there is an express service option with two man driving teams. We usually work with the customs broker/forwarder regarding documentation and availability then provide complete turnkey handling to final inland delivery according to our customer’s needs.

The primary reason for trans loading from container to truck is the steam ship lines general requirement that containers, not moved via rail, are returned to the port of entry, which requires expensive round trip service. When local drayage can be used our service is obviously unnecessary but certainly becomes cost effective for long haul shipments, the “break point” is usually about three to four hundred miles.

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