Brokerage Shipping Services

At Blue Thunder Transportation Services, Inc., we specialize in shipping services. Take a moment and look around your home. More than likely almost everything in your house, from the furniture in the living room and the clothes in your closet to the silverware in your kitchen, was at one point delivered by a truck. This great need throughout the country is why we offer nationwide brokerage services.

Basically, we bring together shippers who need to transport their goods with an authorized motor carrier who wants to provide the delivery service. Since we are the middle man, we work extra hard to help both the shippers and the motor carriers to achieve success.

Helping You Succeed

Our brokerage warehouse is located in Marengo, Illinois. We provide excellent customer service to both the shippers and the motor carriers. The warehouse is specially equipped to handle refrigerated products, and we help the carriers to fill their trucks on-site.

The dispatching operation system we use also keeps everything perfectly organized. And our friendly customer service representatives take particular care with all phone orders to make sure all freight is matched to the right truck.

Brokers provide a valuable service for both shippers and motor carriers. When you are needing expert brokerage services, trust Blue Thunder Transportation Services. Contact us today for a custom quote.